4K/UHD TV – The latest image resolution that TVs are using to deliver a truly stunning picture. With more than 4 times the pixels of a 1080p TV you will be in awe with all the detail that is revealed.

Distributed Audio – A system of delivering music and audio sources throughout a defined area such as your home. Typically made up of several loudspeakers and amplifiers. Audio sources can range from turntable to MP3 player. Also known as music everywhere!

HDMI – The standard connecting cable between High Definition source devices and display devices. HDMI allows audio and video to be transmitted via a single cable, an efficient improvement over previous methods.

Home Automation – A method of removing the need for human input by use of sensors and control mechanisms to perform tasks such as turning lights on/off, adjusting thermostats, closing shades, locking doors, etc. For example, when walking into a room, a motion sensor detects your presence and turns the lights on. These techniques can be deployed in concert with various sub-systems of a home to provide the highest levels of comfort and ease of use.

Loudspeaker – A mechanical device that typically utilizes magnets and electrical current to produce movement of a diaphragm, which in turn, moves air and creates pressure waves that our ears understand as sound. This phenomenon is straight out of high school physics. Larger loudspeakers can reproduce sounds that are much closer to those we experience in the real world.

Pre-Wire – The process of installing wires of various types for various purposes in a structure while it is under construction. The construction process could be a remodel or new build. In either case, an opportunity is presented to conduct pre-wiring for new technology, entertainment, communication, control and other infrastructure needs in a residential or commercial structure.

Streaming – The act of receiving digital data over a network, in real time, from a server located elsewhere. Common streaming activities include watching movies and listening to music. Streaming often requires a subscription to content providing services such as Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, etc.




The human body is an amazing collection of cells that have formed instruments of great precision and ability. One should never underestimate the ability of any part of the human body.

Ear – Appendages protruding from the sides or top of a living beings head, usually found in pairs. Most frequently found on terrestrial and aerial beings. In humans they are used for detecting danger, communicating with one another and enjoyment of sound.

Eye – Spherical objects located on the front or sides of a living beings head, usually found in pairs. Eyes come in a variety of colors and help one navigate the world in which they live.  Eyes also allow one to enjoy looking at things like the woman or man of your dreams, amazing landscapes, beautiful skies and are essential for enjoying a favorite movie, TV show or sporting event.

Hand – An appendage at the end of the human arm with a collection of fingers. Typically used for grasping, poking, or touching things. One of the human body’s most useful instruments. While mechanical in nature, it also has a tactile ability that can detect hot or cold sensations as well as smooth or rough textures and whether something is hard or soft. In modern times the hand has become accustomed to pushing buttons of all types, including those on a keyboard or remote control.